Rp.60,000 (in case of bank transfer or cash on delivery) Our sausages use natural pig intestine and goat intestine, and are carefully washed by hand with Balinese salt. We want to make the taste as light as possible and enjoy the taste of the ingredients as much as possible.
Raw sausage that has never been cooked! There is a little trick on how to bake, but it is more juicy and delicious than boiled sausage!

The trick is to cover with low heat first and add a little water. After steaming on both sides for 10 minutes, add browning over medium heat.

Ingredients: pork, onion, salt, sugar, nutmeg, laurier, garlic, ginger, pepper

It is the most popular original sausage in pork sausage. Perfect for lunch! Contains two to three. It is about 170g per pack.

Raw pork sausage (original)

Delivery destination (Bali / Jakarta)
  • Thaw the whole pack in a refrigerator or water at room temperature and thaw it. With a frying pan, cover with low heat at first, bake for about 10 minutes while turning it over, and finally cook for 1-2 minutes, and enjoy. Please.

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