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Bukit Sausage

We think about the health of the guest

like we think about the health of our family.


"BUKIT" products are for children to eat safe food,
It was made from the thought of a housewife.​



All raw materials such as pork and chicken are fresh from Bali,
Use seasonings from Bali as much as possible,
Salt uses natural salt, sugar uses natural palm sugar,
We are particular about the quality of the oil and do not add any additives such as preservatives or coloring agents
Manufactured in a sanitary environment.


As soon as it is completed, it is individually packaged in a vacuum pack and flash frozen.

For further inquiries about our products or orders, feel free to contact us

​PT. Bali Bukit Alam  

Email:  bukitsausage722@gmail.com 

Tel:  +62 82144443582